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Alumni and Friends Cross-Cultural Tours

We are getting rave reviews about our Alumni and Friends Cross Cultural Trips! Reasonably priced with an EMU flair, these trips promise to be "life changing" in many ways. You won't find this kind of a trip with your typical travel agent. Open to alumni, current and former parents and friends of EMU. Plan now to take one of our upcoming trips:

Cuba: March 10-19, 2022 

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Cuba downtown streetCuba is a country like no other - World Heritage sites, beautiful beaches, old cars, intriguing politics and resilient, friendly people.   Yet, many U.S. citizens have not had the chance to visit Cuba due to the nearly 60-year embargo and current US policy restricting travel. Travel related to activities of educational institutions is still available which makes this 3rd EMU Alumni and Friends trip to Cuba possible.  During your time in Cuba, you will have the opportunity to experience a mini-cross culture with time spent in Havana and in the countryside. There will be lectures by Cuban experts, visits to health and education programs, a home stay and several group reflection times.   Most of all, you will experience Cuba’s rich heritage of music, dance, art, food and warm hospitality.
Leader(s): Elaine and Nathan Barge, veteran Guatemala/Cuba cross-cultural leaders
Cost per person: $2600 plus airfare to Havana, Cuba
Payment dates (click "Pay For Your Trip" button above): Registration fee of $600 due by Nov. 29, first payment of $1,000 due by Jan. 31, second payment of $1,000 due by February 15.
Difficulty: Moderate with plenty of walking. Need to be able to carry your own luggage up stairs. 


Ireland & Northern Ireland - Community, Culture & Conflict: May 18 - May 31, 2022 

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This two-week tour will roam across both Ireland and Northern Ireland exploring the deep cultural traditions, community traditions, and conflicted realities of the Emerald Isle. The trip will be led by professor of history Mark Metzler Sawin who has led a cross-cultural and traveled extensively across Ireland and the U.K.  Email to be added to a list of interested people.
Leader(s): Mark Sawin
Cost per person: $4,500 - cost does not include airfare/trip insurance
Payment dates (click "Pay For Your Trip" button above): Registration fee of $500 due when you register to hold your spot, first payment of $2,000 due Nov. 1, second payment of $2,000 due Feb. 1.
Difficulty: Moderate with some walking. Need to be able to carry your own luggage up stairs. 


FULL - Turkey & Greece: September 29 - October 15, 2022 

Tentative Itinerary 

ancient building in turkeySail on the Mediterranean, explore the Roman Empire and experience the dynamics of the Early Church in this journey on sea and land in Turkey and Greece. During this trip you will love hearing from Linford and Janet Stutzman, long-time Middle East EMU cross-cultural leaders, as well as local experts in the region. Email to be added to a list of interested people.
Leader(s): Linford and Janet Stutzman
Cost per person: $4,500 Per Person in Double Room, $600 Single Room Supplement 
Payment dates (click "Pay For Your Trip" button above): Registration fee of $500 due when you register to hold your spot, first payment of $2,000 due Feb. 28, second payment of $2,000 due April 30. If you want a single room, you also need to pay $600 at the time of the last payment.
Difficulty: Lots of walking on uneven ground. Need to be able to carry your own luggage up stairs. 


New Zealand: March, 2023

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Join us for an extraordinary adventure as we explore New Zealand’s breathtaking scenery and the history and culture of its indigenous Māori people.  From the lush sub-tropical rainforests and rugged coasts of the North Island to the glaciers and majestic peaks of the Southern Alps, we’ll tour one of the most beautiful and ecological rich countries in the world.  We will explore New Zealand’s endemic bird and animal life, its unique diversity of forests and landscapes, and natural wonders such as glaciers and geothermal hotspots. There will be a wide range of activities no matter your level of adventure, from hiking up a volcano to bird watching to exploring unique cuisine in metropolitan cities or shopping in quaint country villages.  

At the same time, we will also look beyond the tourist havens and adventure sports that New Zealand is famous for to delve into the rich culture of the Māori. Culturally, New Zealand is one of the few developed countries in the world whose indigenous people continue to make a significant impact on all aspects of its society: socially, economically, and environmentally. We will visit Māori communities and hear their stories first hand, providing a deeper upstanding of the unique New Zealand way of life. 
Leader(s): Jim and Kathy Yoder
Cost per person: $6,200 double occupancy, $7,050 single occupancy - cost does not include airfare/trip insurance and recommend $300 for a number of suppers and $500 if you participate in all optional activities  
Payment dates (click "Pay For Your Trip" button above): Registration fee of $1,500 due when you register to hold your spot, first payment of $2,350 due Dec. 1, second payment of $2,350 due Feb. 1. (single occupancy payments are $2,775)
Difficulty: Moderate with walking more than a mile at a time. Need to be able to carry your own luggage up stairs.


Health / Medical Focused Trip to Israel & Palestine in Cooperation with the Nazareth Project, Inc. (April 17-30, 2023)

Healing was a central part of Jesus’s ministry of the Good News of the Kingdom of God in Galilee and Jerusalem. Followers of Jesus, including EMU alumni, have carried on the healing ministries of Jesus in all parts of the world, including in Nazareth, the largest Arab town in Israel. The Nazareth Project, in cooperation with EMU Alumni Office, is offering a unique and fascinating trip to Israel and Palestine that, in addition to exploring the wonderful biblical and historical sites from Dan in the North to Bethlehem in Palestine in the south, from the Golan Heights to the depths of the Dead Sea, will connect with some the most innovative and inspiring  models of health care in both Israel and Palestine. Included on the itinerary is a tour of the Mennonite-related Nazareth Hospital, the world famous Hadassah hospital near Jerusalem, and meeting with courageous individuals who cross cultural and religious divides in order to bring healing and hope to the peoples of Israel and Palestine.

This tour will be led by Linford and Janet Stutzman and a representative(s) from the Nazareth Project. Email to be added to a list of interested people.


Coming Summer 2023: Spain

Join us as we travel through both old Spain and new Spain!  We'll walk through medieval cities which were unique in the Middle Ages, where Jewish, Muslim & Christian scholars all intermingled, and each tradition has left their imprint in Spanish culture. We'll learn about the rise of Catholic Spain as we visit Toledo and Madrid, where we'll tour world class art museums such as the Prado, the national palace, the Plaza Mayor and the famous Mercado San Miguel, where you can taste and see some magnificent tapas. New Spain features a unique, innovative tapas tradition, where the custom is to walk from one tapas bar to the next during a leisurely evening, sampling as much variety as you can!  We'll travel on the modern rail system, walk through distinct urban neighborhoods and on scenic mountain paths. Like much of Europe, Spain is an interesting place to learn how a traditionally Catholic/Christian society is becoming a  non-religious/post-Christian culture -- and we'll spend time visiting with Spanish Anabaptist leaders working in the midst of this dynamic.  Expect days and days of sunshine, encountering people whose lives are lived outside on the streets, plazas and tapas bars, and old Spain and new Spain converge on nearly every corner and byway. More details to come once trip details are finalized.

This tour will be led by Byron Peachey and Deanna Durham, prior and current cross-cultural leaders to Spain. Email to be added to a list of interested people.


Coming Fall 2023: Greek Islands and Rome (September 29 - October 12, 2023)

The islands of the Aegean are scattered in the sparkling waters of Greek mythology, legend, culture, and the biblical story from Acts to Revelation. You will be awe-struck by the incredible beauty of the waters of deep blue Aegean, as we sail in the wake of heroes, saints, sinners, crusaders, tyrants, missionaries, prisoners, pirates, and poets, for a full week on a beautiful, well-appointed traditional wooden Turkish gulet. This is the ideal way to visit the islands of Samos, Patmos, Kos, Rhodes with their ancient  civilization and charming cobblestone streets, restaurants and shops and meet their famous citizens and travelers, like Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Epicurus, Saint Paul, and John the Revelator.

And then it is on to Rome! The final four days you will explore the magnificent center of the Roman Empire and Church. The Coliseum, the Pantheon, catacombs, St. Peter’s Square and Cathedral, the Vatican Museum, and literally hundreds of other incredible remains of human achievement, power, glory, impacted by the Good News of the Kingdom of God  simply cannot be described. Options outside of Rome will include walking the Appian Way, visiting the ancient port of Ostia, and spending a day in the walled, mediaeval town of Orvieto.

This tour will be led by Linford and Janet Stutzman, prior cross-cultural leaders to the Middle East. Email to be added to a list of interested people.

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