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Alumni Engagement

Alumni and Friends Cross-Cultural Tours

Ever wish you had the chance to take part in cross-cultural study through EMU? Wish you could revisit the site of your own life-changing EMU cross-cultural experience? Or show your spouse where you lived and learned?

EMU offered its first alumni cross-cultural trips during its Centennial year, 2017-18. Twenty-four people traveled, learned and fellowshiped together in Israel/Palestine under the leadership of Linford and Janet Stutzman in November 2017. Also, twenty-one people traveled to Cuba at the end of March to learn about history, culture, and people with leaders, Nathan and Elaine Zook-Barge.

Upcoming trips include....

Mediterranean Voyage (Oct. 16-Nov. 2, 2018) - FULL

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Sail on the Mediterranean, explore the Roman Empire and experience the dynamics of the Early Church in this journey on sea and land in Turkey and Greece.  During this trip you will love hearing from Linford and Janet Stutzman, long-time Middle East EMU cross-cultural leaders, as well as personal travelers and leaders of small groups. Click on the button above to see the specific day-by-day itinerary.

Dates: Oct 16- Nov 2, 2018 - This trip is full, please contact us to be added to a waiting list by emailing
Leaders: Linford and Janet Stutzman
Estimated cost per person: $3,950 plus airfare

Coming Summer 2019: Explore Lithuania - music, art and culture

Experience the culture of this eastern European country full of beauty and pain. Through photography, music, art and more, Jerry Holsopple, professor of digital media, will guide this time of learning, growing, grappling, as well as fun. Holsopple has led numerous EMU groups to the region with a special focus on photography as a tool for telling the region's story. Email to be added to a list of interested people.

Coming Fall 2019: Israel & Palestine

This tour, lead by Linford and Janet Stutzman, will feature the highlights and favorite parts of our cross-cultural semester in the Middle East with EMU students. It will integrate biblical insights, ancient and modern history, a bit of archeology, respectful listening to both Palestinian and Israeli voices about current issues, and even the occasional stories of EMU students from our own experiences since 2001 leading the EMU cross culturals. In addition, we will meet fascinating locals who admire EMU, eat excellent Middle Eastern food, experience the incredible diversity of geography, flora and fauna, and travel with some of the most interesting people in the group that you will ever meet. Email to be added to a list of interested people.

Coming Summer 2020: Ireland & Northern Ireland, Community, Culture & Conflict

This two-week tour will roam across both Ireland and Northern Ireland exploring the deep cultural traditions, community traditions, and conflicted realities of the Emerald Isle. The trip will be lead by professor of history Mark Metzler Sawin who was led a cross-cultural and traveled extensively across Ireland and the U.K.  Email to be added to a list of interested people.