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Policies and Procedures for the Academic Success Testing Center

  1. The Academic Success Center can only proctor tests for students with accommodations from the Office of Academic Access.
  2. The student must register for all tests, at least 36 hours in advance of the test.
  3. The professor and the ASC testing coordinator will receive a notification that the student plans to test in the ASC.
  4. Within 24 hours of the test date, the professor will send the ASC any materials the student will need for testing. In order to uphold our commitment to protect the integrity of these documents, please do not send these tests early.
  5. During the test, professors should be reachable by phone or email in case students have questions while testing.
  6. The ASC will return paper tests to the professor in a timely manner after the test has been completed.
  7. Students must show up on time for the test. Late arrival results in lost accommodation time. Students arriving 15 minutes or more past arrival time must reschedule their test.
  8. All personal items (cell phones, books, watches, headphones, hats etc.) not needed for the test will be left outside the testing room. 
  9. Use the restroom, if necessary, before beginning your test.  With the exception of using the restroom, once a student leaves the testing area, the student is not allowed to re-enter.
  10. The proctor cannot answer questions about the content of the test/exam. In some circumstances, the professor may be contacted by phone with questions.
  11. Any changes or requests for exceptions must be accompanied by professor's written approval.
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