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Faculty FAQ

Who may test in the Academic Success Center (ASC)?

Testing rooms in the Academic Success Center are primarily for students with documented disabilities. These students will share a Memo of Accommodation with you and you will receive notification of their intent  prior to taking tests or exams in the ASC.

Faculty are encouraged to accommodate tests for ESLstudents and make-up exams in their classroom and/or department spaces as much as possible. In situations where this is not possible we may be able to proctor a test in the ASC.

The requests for this test proctoring must come from you based on your academic interactions with the student(s) and will be scheduled as we have open testing rooms. Contact the ASC testing coordinator to make arrangements.

How do I get my exam to the ASC for student testing?

There are 3 ways for the ASC to receive your exam, listed in order of preference:

  1. send as an attachment to
  2. bring a copy to the ASC.
  3. send a copy in a sealed envelope with the student.

After administration of the exam, the ASC staff will return the exam to your office – unless instructed to do otherwise.

How do I learn about providing accommodations to students at EMU?

Contact the coordinator of the Office of Academic Access.

How do I understand my rights and responsibilities as a faculty member?

Although course management is clearly the domain of the individual instructor, faculty members are required by federal law to make reasonable accommodations in classroom policies and procedures for individual students who demonstrate need due to a documented disability.

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