You can contact Laura anytime with questions. Email or google chat are a good way to contact her during office hours. Phone (x4595) also works if necessary.  Email or google chat are best after office hours too. If Laura is unavailable contact Joshua. We try to get to all issues within 1 business day, or at least communicate an accurate timeframe based on workload and technicality of the issue. 

You can also troubleshoot with in the info below. 

Help! I can't log in to the system!

  • are you a registered user? - ask Laura if you're not sure
  • you had too many log-in attempts- talk to Laura- she can reset your login
  • Do you remember how to log in? If not check out the page titled "Getting Into the System"


Help! Something on this page looks funny!

Use the Request Help gadget. 

Click on the little plug on the right side of the page. 



 Scroll to "request help"

Request Help


This will send an email to Laura and Joshua with a link to the page. Describe the issue and we'll help as soon as possible. 

Leave notes 

These are not automatically emailed, so if you leave notes on a page you must alert web administrators. 



Help! I don't have access to something I think I should have access to!

Your access is controlled by your group, so there will be things you can't access. Some access is also restricted based on your user level. More advanced users may have access to more features.

This system gives administrators lots of variables for control of folders, pages, etc. Laura did her best, but if you don't have access to something you think you should have access to contact web administrators.


Help! I want this page to go live RIGHT NOW and I have to submit!

We will approve submitted pages as quickly as we can. Once you prove that you know how to use the system, your approval step will be taken away. Submitted pages will be approved quicker during regular office hours than on weekends or evenings. 

Help! I can't remember that thing we learned in the training!

All training resources are available online.

Undergraduate pages

Graduate/Lancaster pages

CJP pages