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Search for Internships

Our options are not limited to the internships listed below. Feel free to do your own research or tell us about the type of internship you are looking for. Use your creativity, and we’ll use the information you give us to set up internship interviews for you.

Applied Social Sciences
 Social Work
 Peacebuilding & Development
• Environmental Sustainability

Bible, Religion, and Philosophy
 Ministry and Church Work
 Philosophy and Theology
 Interfaith Studies & Faith-Based Advocacy

Biology and Chemistry
 Pre-Professional Health
 Environmental Sustainability
 Scientific research

Business and Economics
 Business and Accounting
 Economics and International Development

 Traditional Classrooms 
 Other Educational Programs
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

• Pre-Med and Pre-Professional Health
• Nursing
• Nutrition and Dietetics

History and Politics
 Research, Education, and Museums
 Pre-Law and Politics

Language and Literature
 English and English Education
 Writing, Journalism, Poetry and Literature

Mathematical Sciences
 Computer Science
 Mathematics and Math Ed
• Engineering (call for details)

Performing Arts
 Theatre and Dance

Physical and Outdoor Education
 Athletics and Sports Management
 Outdoor and Environmental Education

 Abnormal Psychology 
 Psychology in Social Services

Visual and Communication Arts
 Photography and Graphic Design
 Communication and Journalism

Women’s Studies
 Religion and Humanities
 Social Science and Policy