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Information for Accepted Students

You’ve been accepted to WCSC. Hooray! Take a look at our FAQ for answers to your top questions and review the accepted student calendar.


1. Confirm your participation in the WCSC program

  • All students, regardless of their home institution, must confirm their participation.  Please email Karlyn Gehring or contact the WCSC office at 202-529-5378.

2. Pay your deposit

  • Your deposit holds your spot in the program and becomes non-refundable once WCSC staff start working on your internship placement
  • If you are an EMU student, you must make a $500 deposit with the EMU Business Office, which you can do online or by visiting the office in person
  • Students from an institution other than EMU can email Karlyn Gehring for deposit instructions

3. Fill out your Cross-Cultural Health Form

  • Attach a copy of your insurance card (both sides)
  • Send it to us via email, fax, or regular mail
  • You do NOT need to attach copies of your passport or immunization history.

4. Meet with your advisor

5. Stop by the Financial Aid Office

  • Make sure to fill out your FAFSA forms by the national deadlines
  • If you are a commuter student you will want to plan for room and board costs.

6. Research possible internships

  • Think about the skills and the types of organizations that you are interested in.
    • What types of skills would you like to develop?
    • Are there issues you feel strongly connected to?
    • Who would you like to work with?
    • What type of leadership do you work best under?
    • Do you like to work alone or with others?
  • Look at our list of potential internships in your major
  • Do some online research on your own (our list is just to get you started—we can also help you brainstorm when we start the placement process, ~4 months before you arrive)
  • Call us to discuss your internship options

7. Update your resume

  • Add any new experiences you might have since you applied to the program
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with your institution's Career Center to review and polish your resume
    • If you are an EMU student, contact Kimberly Phillips in Career Services
    • If you are a Bluffton student, contact Shari Ayers in the Center for Career and Vocation
  • Look through these helpful resources on resume format , writing bullet points, and professional action words

8. Let us know when you’re available for internship interviews in DC

  • We’ll begin setting up your interviews shortly after the semester preceding yours begins
  • Be proactive and respond quickly to emails and voice messages about internships and interviews
  • If you are coming to DC for an in-person interview, prepare for the interview by reviewing Everything You Need to Know about WCSC Internship Interview Day

9. If needed, sign up for classes at local universities

10. Moving in