Campus Training Programs

Each year, EMU provides essential training information for all students, staff and faculty. All members of the EMU community are encouraged to review the training materials. A safe community take the entire community and a skilled, perceptive and responsible community is the best prevention.

Basic Definitions & Procedures – Part One

Bystander Basics – Part Two

Student Training 2015

Curricular and Extra-curricular training

In addition to the above training, training on healthy sexuality and sexual misconduct takes place as a regular part of the curriculum in certain courses, and in extracurricular activities such as chapels and presentations.

Healthy sexuality and sexual misconduct training in curriculum

  • Spotlight on Sexual Harms: Institutional Best Practices- Carolyn Stauffer- Summer Peacebuilding Institute 2017
  • Teaching, Ministry and Healthy Sexuality- Carmen Schrock-Hurst- annually
  • Introduction to Youth Ministry- Carmen Schrock-Hurst- annually
  • Reflective Teaching Seminar (state mandated training on Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention)- Ron Schultz/Education Department- each semester
  • Formation in Ministry- Penny Driediger/Seminary- annually
  • Collins Center Training in Sexual Abuse Prevention- part of Teaching, Ministry and Healthy Sexualty and Intro to Youth Ministry- Carmen Schrock-Hurst- annually

Healthy sexuality and sexual misconduct training in extracurriculars

  • Student life integrated bystander training into orientation and first-year activities. Training for all students is ongoing.
  • Symposium held: A ‘Conversations on Sexual Violence’ symposium which aimed to nurture community-building and resilience, March 9, 2016: News release
  • Chapel address: Sex and Millennials: #NewScripts, by Carolyn Stauffer, Oct. 5, 2016: Podcast
  • Chapel address: Faithful Sexuality in an age of Porn, by Ken L. Nafziger, vice president for student life and dean of students, Oct. 28, 2016: Podcast
  • Service of lament for sexual abuse, Nov. 9, 2016 chapel address by Jerry Holsopple: Podcast
  • Symposium and lecture by Catholic victims’ advocate Tom Doyle which focused on institutional harms and healing, Nov. 15, 2016: News Release
  • Take Back The Night Seminary Chapel – Stumbling In The Darkness by Charlie Tinsley, Nov. 15, 2016: Podcast
  • Student-planned Take Back the Night events which focused campus attention on sexual violence and victims, Nov. 22, 2016: News Release
  • Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention planned fishbowl “Speaking of sex….” with Lisa King, Jon Swartz, Carolyn Stauffer, and Byron Peachey, April 10.
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