Title IX

Campus Training Programs

Each year, EMU provides essential training information for all students, staff and faculty. All members of the EMU community are encouraged to review the training materials. A safe community take the entire community and a skilled, perceptive and responsible community is the best prevention.

Basic Definitions & Procedures – Part One

Bystander Basics – Part Two

Student Training 2015

Curricular and Extra-curricular training

In addition to the above training, training on healthy sexuality and sexual misconduct takes place as a regular part of the curriculum in certain courses, and in extracurricular activities such as chapels and presentations.

Healthy sexuality and sexual misconduct training in curriculum

  • Spotlight on Sexual Harms: Institutional Best Practices- Carolyn Stauffer- Summer Peacebuilding Institute 2017
  • Teaching, Ministry and Healthy Sexuality- Carmen Schrock-Hurst- annually
  • Introduction to Youth Ministry- Carmen Schrock-Hurst- annually
  • Reflective Teaching Seminar (state mandated training on Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention)- Ron Schultz/Education Department- each semester
  • Formation in Ministry- Penny Driediger/Seminary- annually
  • Collins Center Training in Sexual Abuse Prevention- part of Teaching, Ministry and Healthy Sexualty and Intro to Youth Ministry- Carmen Schrock-Hurst- annually

Healthy sexuality and sexual misconduct training in extracurriculars

  • Student life integrated bystander training into orientation and first-year activities. Training for all students is ongoing.
  • Symposium held: A ‘Conversations on Sexual Violence’ symposium which aimed to nurture community-building and resilience, March 9, 2016: News release
  • Chapel address: Sex and Millennials: #NewScripts, by Carolyn Stauffer, Oct. 5, 2016: Podcast
  • Chapel address: Faithful Sexuality in an age of Porn, by Ken L. Nafziger, vice president for student life and dean of students, Oct. 28, 2016: Podcast
  • Service of lament for sexual abuse, Nov. 9, 2016 chapel address by Jerry Holsopple: Podcast
  • Symposium and lecture by Catholic victims’ advocate Tom Doyle which focused on institutional harms and healing, Nov. 15, 2016: News Release
  • Take Back The Night Seminary Chapel – Stumbling In The Darkness by Charlie Tinsley, Nov. 15, 2016: Podcast
  • Student-planned Take Back the Night events which focused campus attention on sexual violence and victims, Nov. 22, 2016: News Release
  • Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention planned fishbowl “Speaking of sex….” with Lisa King, Jon Swartz, Carolyn Stauffer, and Byron Peachey, April 10.