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Creation Care Council

EMU’s Creation Care Council grew out of a faculty, staff and student initiative to consider how the campus pulls together its theology of care for the earth with practical every-day decisions made across campus. The Council, which developed EMU’s official sustainability principles, coordinates with other groups to develop concrete steps and long-term plans for creation care on EMU’s campus. The Council also serves as a visionary body directly involved in long-term sustainability planning for the University.

CCC Statement on Climate Change | ACUPCC – the climate neutrality commitment


The EMU President will appoint a Vice President from President’s Cabinet and SGA will appoint a student senator to serve as representative. The remaining members should consist of one staff person each from Physical Plant and Marketing and Communications, a student chosen by Earthkeepers who ideally is also involved with Sustainable Foods Initiative (SFI), three additional faculty appointed by the Provost’s office representing a wide variety of academic departments, two additional staff members-at-large, and the EMU sustainability coordinator. An additional at-large member from among graduate students is optional.

Terms for members are two years except for appointed members of Cabinet and SGA and the sustainability coordinator who is a permanent member of the committee.

Current Committee Members (alphabetical by last name)