Application for F-1 Reduced Course Load

F-1 international students are required by U.S. law to pursue a full course of study each fall and spring semester. A full course of study is defined as carrying 12 credits at the undergraduate level, or 9 credits at the graduate level (or the equivalent as approved by your academic adviser on the Full-time equivalency Form). Under certain academic circumstances, you may qualify for a reduced course load (RCL) of 6 credits, or less for an illness or medical condition. To apply, you must:

  1. Still be enrolled full-time. If you already dropped below, you do not qualify.
  2. Have your academic adviser compete this form explaining the academic difficulties that you are experiencing. Academic difficulties are restricted to initial difficulties with English or reading requirements, unfamiliarity with U.S. teaching methods or improper course level placements.
  3. If you are suffering from an illness or medical condition, you must provide us with documentation from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or a licensed clinical psychologist describing the nature of your illness or condition.
  4. Complete this form and submit it to International Student Services before taking any action to reduce your course load.

Your application will be reviewed by International Student Services and if approved, you will be given authorization to reduce your course load for a specific period of time. A reduced course load based on academic difficulties may only be authorized for one term during your program of study. A reduced course load warranted by an illness or medical condition may be extended if there are serious circumstances necessitating such as an extension.

You are required to resume a full course of study in the semester immediately following your RCLauthorization (excluding summer). A “hold” will be place on your registration for the next semester which will be removed when you report to Internationals Student Services with your registration form and obtain an advisers release

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