Grade Point Average Explanation

Your class work will be graded on an A-F scale, with an A being the highest work expected, and F being unacceptable, failing work. In addition, each letter grade is assigned a numerical value, which will be used to calculate your grade point average (GPA). Grade point values are shown below:

  • A = 4.00
  • A- = 3.70
  • B+ = 3.30
  • B = 3.00
  • B- = 2.70
  • C+ = 2.30
  • C = 2.00
  • C- = 1.70
  • D+ = 1.30
  • D = 1.00
  • F = 0.00

In order to figure your GPA, multiply the numerical value you received by the number of credit hours for each course, add the total from each course, then divide by the total number of hours. (i.e., if you received an A for a four hour course, and a B for a 3 hour course, your GPA would be 16 + 9 divided by 7 = 3.27.)

You will receive a report at the end of each semester which will indicate the number of courses you have completed, your GPA for the current semester, and your overall or cumulative GPA. You must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in order to remain at EMU with no restrictions.

If you fall below a 2.0 GPA you will be placed on academic probation for at least one semester, and if you do not raise your GPA, you will be suspended and not allowed to register for future classes.

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