Scheduling Courses

If you are an undergraduate student, the courses you will take will be selected by you, in accordance with the requirements of the university and the department under which you have chosen your major. There are certain courses which are required by everyone graduating with a Bachelors degree from EMU; these are called General Education, or Gen Ed, courses. They include a selection of interdisciplinary, faith and cross cultural studies, academic skills and competence, and community learning courses. In addition, each department has a set of requirements needed to complete a major in that department.

If you are an Intensive English Program or Graduate student, your program also have certain course requirements which must be met in order to graduate from your program of study. You will need to contact the Director or Registrar of your program or your academic adviser in order to determine your course requirements.

As an undergraduate, you will be required to complete a minimum of 128 credit hours graduate. A full-time student may take 12-18 credit per semester, but we recommend no more than 15 for a first year international student. Immigration guidelines require that you take the minimum of 12 credits per semester to maintain your full-time status. If you are a graduate student, you must take a minimum of 9 credits per semester in order to maintain your full-time status for immigration purposes. Please note that if you only complete the minimum of 12 hours each semester you will not have accumulated enough credits to graduate in four year. You may wish to supplement the hours earned during the school year by taking one or more summer courses.

Every semester you will be asked to meet with your academic adviser to review the list of courses you have already taken, and the list of course which are still required to complete your major and obtain a degree. Prior to meeting with your adviser it is advisable for you to review the schedule or Course Offerings and select the courses you believe you should take in the following year. You adviser will then review your rating sheet and help you finalize your schedule to assure that you can graduate in a timely manner.

The registrar’s office produces blank schedule forms which you should complete prior to meeting with your academic adviser, indicating your preferred schedule. You will then complete a final draft of this form each semester which you can give to anyone who requests your schedule (your employer, academic support services, etc.)

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