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Information for Parents

  • If your student is a dependent on your health insurance policy and your health insurance is an HMO or PPO -Check with your health insurance prior to student coming to the University to determine if you need to complete a “guest registration” with your insurance company for your student in order for your student to be seen at the University Health Services and not be charged “out of network fees”
  • All services are billed to insurance; therefore, all students are expected to have Health Insurance. 
  • If your student is insured with Medicaid - we only accept Virginia Medicaid
  • If you purchase the Health Insurance offered through the University – there is no copay charged for any visits
  • Required immunizations, physical examinations and TB Screens are available in Health Services on campus
  • Health Services offers all services that would be provided at your primary care provider
  • Psychiatric services are available through a Psychiatrist – these services are also billed to Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health Services at EMU is delighted to have your son/daughter as a student here. Should your son/daughter need medical attention while a student, we have a medical provider available Monday through Friday. We bill insurance for medical services. You will note on the Health Insurance Information page of the “REQUIRED HEALTH INFORMATION FORM” that there are several options related to insurance coverage.

If your son/daughter is on your health insurance plan, PLEASE be sure to NOTIFY YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY.  By notifying your health insurance company, you will be informed if there are additional forms to complete, or what you need to do, to ensure you receive the best coverage for your son/daughter while here at EMU.

If you want to have more detailed information about insurance coverage at EMU read this letter from the the director of health services.

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