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Instructions for Pap Test

  • We may want a urine specimen when you come for your appointment, so do not empty your bladder just prior to coming.
  • Best time of month for test: 11-19th day of cycle – count day one as the beginning of the menstrual flow (cannot do test during menses).
  • Avoid intercourse and the use of tampons for 48 hours before Pap Test.
  • Do not use contraceptive jellies/foams for three days before your appointment.
  • Do not use douche, bubble bath, or use vaginal medicine for three days before Pap test.
  • You may shower, but do not tub bathe 24 hours before the Pap test.
  • Inform your clinician about additional medications/conditions that may interfere with an accurate test.
  • Be honest and candid about your sexual health and discuss any sexual practices that may place you at risk. STI screening is available.
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