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Please enter your immunization information in our online system and then provide verification of immunizations (PDF). If you have questions, call (540) 432-4308 or email us at

To schedule an appointment please call 540-432-4308 (x4308 on campus).

Required immunizations

Screening or testing must be done in the United States within a year of entrance to EMU.


Hepatitis B (required immunization for EMU or waiver) 
Three vaccines: the second vaccine one month after the first and the third vaccine six to 12 months later.

MMR (required immunization for EMU) 
Two immunizations at least one to three months apart after first birthday.

Meningitis (required immunization for EMU or waiver)

Polio (required immunization for EMU)
Last date of series of four vaccines from childhood is required. 

TD/TDAP (required immunization for EMU) 
Should be updated every 10 years.

Varicella (required immunization for EMU)
Two injections at least one month apart with first immunization after first birthday. Or year of disease for all students born after 1979.

Not required but highly recommended immunizations

Hepatitis A (required for EMU cross-culturals) 
Two vaccines six to 12 months apart.

Three injections. Not required but highly recommended.

Other available immunizations

Injectable Typhoid 
Good for two years.

Oral Typhoid 
Good for five years.


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