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(CARE for self, CARE for each other, CARE for community)

Emergency and After Hour Situations
If a student is in an emergency situation and needs immediate assistance, call the Resident Director on Duty at 540-476-4578, or call Campus Safety and Security at 540-432-4911, or call 911 with their location. 

Make a Report

The Eastern Mennonite University's CARE (Concern, Assessment, Response, Evaluation) Team is made up of an interdisciplinary team that meets every week. EMU CARE Team provides proactive and coordinated support for students in distress and addresses concerns about student behavior, academic progress, and personal issues, including mental health concerns.

Reasons to self report or refer a student to the CARE Team: 

  • The student becomes increasingly isolated, unkempt, irritable, or disconnected 
  • The student's academic or social performance deteriorates 
  • The student shows significant and marked changes in behavior or mood
  • The student expresses thought of harm to self or others 
  • There is a marked change in personal care or routine, withdrawing socially, excessive drinking or drug use, aggressive or out of control actions, dangerous risk taking
  • The student makes threats or displays aggression directed toward themselves or others

How can I refer a student to the CARE Team:

Fill out this EMU Safety and CARE Reporting Form

*While faculty may continue to utilize the Health and Wellness alert on Navigate, we hope to continue to shift into using the above reporting form as the first form for reporting student concern. 
If you have questions but don't believe you need to make a referral, you can reach the CARE Team at

CARE Team Members


In support of student wellbeing, EMU is committed to allowing individuals with disabilities the use of an assistance animal on campus to facilitate their full participation and equal access to EMU’s housing, programs and activities. 

The CARE Team evaluates and approves requests for student housing accommodations related to emotional support needs. Students requesting a support animal are required to complete the  Emotional Support Animal Request and Agreement FormTo determine eligibility for a support animal, the CARE Team requires documentation from the licensed mental health care provider regarding consistent ongoing counseling and an established emotional support animal. With completed Request and Agreement form and documentation from a licensed mental health care provider, students will be notified of a decision and appropriate follow up will proceed with EMU Housing, if approved.

Questions about ESA requests should be emailed to


Frequently Asked Questions

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