University Chapel Schedule

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A community gathering place for worship and forum, chapel reflects an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective alongside the gifts, traditions and cultures of the broader Christian faith. Faith, hope and love are nurtured in the way of Jesus.

Wednesday, Sept. 30

Chapel Worship: Equipping the Called and Sent Community – Dr. Darrell Guder

Dr. Darrell Guder, visiting scholar of missiology, shares reflections on his faith and call story as it relates to his understanding of Christian mission. He is the primary resource person for Mission & Service Day. Join in conversation over lunch (East Dining Room) or for a FREE German-style dinner in UC 211-212 at 5:30 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 2

Chapel Forum: Rewilding the Way: Break Free to Follow an Untamed God – Todd Wynward

Ancient desert prophets. Modern archaelogical discoveries. Age-old Christian schools of creative cultural defiance crafted in the wilderness. Could it be today’s tame Christianity is missing something vital? Could it be that spending time in wild places, unshackled from the comforts and constraints of dominant culture, is a necessary prerequisite to become the people God yearns for us to be? Is it time for us to become a new kind of human?

Wednesday, Oct. 7

Chapel Worship: The Anav Shall Inherit The Earth: Humility, Sustainability, Resiliency – Todd Wynward

When Jesus said the meek shall inherit the earth, he was invoking the ancient character trait of anav, meekness. Anav doesn’t mean wimpy and powerless, but rather a lifeway that delights the Lord, marked by humility, sustainability, non-grasping, and resiliency. Could it be that the meek shall inherit the earth because only they are able to coexist and thrive within the blessings and boundaries of creation on its own terms, while the haughty and hoarding are unable? (Matthew 5:5, Psalms 37:11).

Friday, Oct. 9

Homecoming Chapel: Project Peanut Butter? – Martin Histand ’05

Martin Histand ’05 reflects on his experiences at EMU and with Mennonite Central Committee and how they informed working with Project Peanut Butter – a program addressing global malnutrition in children. Histand is being honored as Young Alum of the Year. The EMU Chamber Singers will open chapel and a homecoming video will welcome us all into Homecoming and Family Weekend.

University chapel is held Wednesday (worship) and Fridays (forum) at 10 a.m. in Lehman Auditorium. All offices and departments, other than essential services, are to close in order to allow the community to attend and support chapel.

All undergraduate students, faculty and staff of the university are expected to attend at least one chapel each week. (Chapel Attendance Policy, p. 69 of the Student Handbook and Faculty/Staff handbook section 7.1, p. 166)

In addition to University Chapel, Chapel Gatherings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m., Celebration: Praise Worship is held weekly at 9 p.m. on Sunday nights and Hymn Sings are at 9 p.m. on the first Monday of the month. All three services are held in Martin Chapel (Seminary building). You can also join the Gospel Choir or Alpha Omega Dancers for Christ for worship opportunities advised from Multicultural and International Student Services (MISS).

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