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*Certificates vary in credit hour requirements. See below for details for each certificate

General Theological Certificate Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies Graduate Certificate in Faith-based Peacebuilding

General Theological Certificate - 24 SH

The seminary recognizes the value of its educational programs for persons who have not completed a college degree, but have completed at least 30 semester hours of undergraduate coursework and can benefit from graduate-level studies by reason of age/maturity and significant ministry experience. Maturity will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis but is generally understood as at least 35 years of age. Significant ministry experience is means five years (or its cumulative equivalent) of church-related ministry. These criteria must be fulfilled for enrollment in seminary courses. While this program is not a degree program, the student participates in course work as a regular student. Twenty-four credit hours of study are required for the general theological certificate.

A student in this certificate program who wishes to pursue a graduate seminary degree may apply for the Master of Divinity or the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, upon successful completion of 21 hours of credit with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The student should meet with their advisor for a formative conversation, after which the advisor will prepare a degree candidacy recommendation for faculty consideration. Degree-seeking status will be conferred after faculty approval is gained. A limited number of students may be accepted in any year into seminary degree programs.

Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies - 16-18 SH

This certificate is designed for curious young adult college grads interested in a deeper faith perspective as they enter the work world, for active professionals seeking to connect faith and career, and for lay Christian leaders who want to connect their engagement in God’s mission to the churches’ faithful witness. Courses will be offered in accessible (hybrid) formats.


FS 503 Formation in Spiritual Practices (3 SH)
FS 504 Formation in Narrative Identity (3 SH)

Choose one:
BVOT 511 Old Testament: Text in Context (3 SH)
BVNT 512 New Testament: Text in Context (3 SH)

Choose one:
CTT 634 Living Theology (3 SH)
CTE 702 Christian Ethics  (3 SH)

Choose two elective courses (4-6SH), including at least one course designated CM (contexts of ministry), SMCL or SMFE  (skills for ministry).

Total hours: 16-18 SH

Graduate Certificate in Faith-Based Peacebuilding - 18 SH

The Graduate Certificate in Faith-Based Peacebuilding blends skills and practices for leading communities in times of conflict with reflection on the theological commitments that are embodied in these practices. The certificate is designed for faith community leaders who want to more effectively respond to social conflicts as they arise in their community and those who seek faith-informed social engagement in the complex justice issues of their communities.


Required Core Courses - 9 SH

  • PAX 533: Analysis: Understanding Conflict (3SH)
  • PAX 532: Formation for Peacebuilding Practice (3SH)
  • CM 635 Faith-Based Social Transformation or CTT 546 Justice, Peace and the Biblical
    Story (3 SH)

Theology Electives - choose 6-7 SH from the following:

  • CM 635 Faith-Based Social Transformation or CTT 546 Justice, Peace and the Biblical
    Story (3SH, whichever did not fulfill above requirement)
  • BVG 541 Biblical Foundations for Justice and Peacemaking
  • CM 643 Missio Dei in Cultural Context (3SH)
  • CM 654 Race and Religion in America (3SH)
  • CM 724 Racial Healing and the Blue-Eyed Soul (3SH)
  • SMCL 521 Teaching for Christian Community (3SH)
  • CTT 634 Living Theology (3SH)
  • CTE 702 Christian Ethics (3SH)
  • CTE 713 Sermon on the Mount: Peace and Justice (3 SH)
  • SMCL 564 Theological Reflection on Trauma (1 SH) - must be taken with PAX 540 Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience I (2 SH) below

Peacebuilding Electives - choose 2-3 SH from the following:

  • PAX 601 Mediation & Negotiation (2 or 3 SH)
  • PAX 672 Circle Processes (1 or 2 SH)
  • PAX 610 Facilitation (2 or 3 SH)
  • PAX 665 Designing Processes for Conflict Transformation (2 or 3 SH)
  • PAX 571 Restorative Justice (2 or 3 SH)
  • PAX 588 Nonviolent Mobilization (2 or 3 SH)
  • PAX 540 Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience I (2 SH)
  • PAX 640 STAR Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience II - prerequisite
    STAR I (2 SH)
  • Offerings in the Summer Peacebuilding Institute
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