Courses in Pennsylvania

Fall 2019

CM 643 Missio Dei 
Meets Gateway requirements  

This course calls and equips participants to join in the drama of God’s mission in the world, as ambassadors of the New Community forming in response to the work and teaching of Jesus Christ. Every human culture is a context for this awareness of God’s activity. We review the many diverse shapes the Gospel has taken in order to be intelligible across many social settings and historical epochs. The God who becomes incarnate among us is passionate about engaging human cultures.

Schedule:   9am to 5pm, Sept 13-14, Oct. 18-19 and Nov. 22-23
Location:  Dock Mennonite Academy in Landsdale, PA (available by Zoom also)
Instructor: Emily Ralph Servant, PhD 

BVNT 512 - New Testament Text in Context

This course is an introduction to the New Testament. It focuses on the both the theological and the historical and social-economic worlds of the Scriptures. The first written texts of the New Testament, the letters of the Apostle Paul, are the initial point of engagement with first-century Mediterranean politics, religion, and socio-economic realities into which the message of Jesus Christ came.  Moving next through the gospels and then the rest of the New Testament writings, several methods of interpretation, research, writing, and presentation are exercised.  A completed portfolio and a major oral presentation summarize how 21st century contexts are informed by the New Testament.

Schedule: Thursdays, 6-9 p.m.
 EMU at Lancaster
 Mark Fretz, PhD

Spring 2020

BVOT 701 Isaiah
Students explore the Book of Isaiah, which has been referred to as the "fifth gospel," for many passages' important role in Christian theology.  They develop understanding necessary to engage influential Christian interpretations of key passages faithfully and critically.  Attention is also paid to the literary complexity of the book and its historical development.
Time:  To Be Determined
Location:  EMU at Lancaster
Instructor: Mark Fretz, PhD

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