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Print Shop

Copying and Printing Services

The print shop is located at the north end of the physical plant building. It houses digital presses, photocopiers and several print finishing machines (folder, stapler, cutter, etc). The shop’s managers, Ivan and Jaimie Shifflett are independent contractors and they, along with production manager Erik Carson, can be contacted at ext. 4543 or

Projects come to the print shop in various ways:

1) Marq/Lucidpress is an online library of branded EMU templates for simple projects such as signage, simple fliers, business cards, etc. Some administrative assistants have an account, can update materials, and send the items to the print shop (no contact with marketing is necessary).

2) The Marketing department processes more complex requests and works with the print shop. Submit a request form for print projects that require client consultation and more extensive graphic design work.

Information systems works with the print shop staff and marketing services to insure that appropriate technical resources are available for the print jobs produced on campus. They are also responsible for deploying and maintaining all photocopiers on campus. They can be contacted through the information systems helpdesk.


About 30 photocopiers are located throughout campus for use by faculty and staff. A chargeback system is implemented through the use of a combination of special swipe cards or entered authorization numbers. A digital copier with sorting, collating and stapling finishing functions is located on the second floor of the Campus Center, near the Smith Street entrance.

Large photocopying jobs should be handled by the print shop.

Color copying is also available by the print shop.

Offset Press Printing

Offset press printing is available from the on-campus print shop. Submission of print jobs for offset production should be submitted through marketing and communications.

Print Finishing Services

Folding, scoring or perforating, cutting, stapling (saddle stitcher), binding, drilling and collating are available from the on-campus print shop. These finishing services are available for any kind of print job, regardless where or how it was originally printed. Small jobs are done without specific chargeback to departments. A chargeback quotation will be provided for very large jobs. [ more information ]

Paper Supplies

The print shop does not inventory paper for re-distribution to individual departments. All department paper supplies should be procured through the campus office products vendor, The Supply Room Companies. A special pricing contract has been negotiated for standard sizes of white paper. A limited list of standard colored paper is also included. The print shop will supply paper for any jobs produced on the campus off-set press.

Information and Questions

The print shop is located below the physical plant, on Parkwood Drive between Cedarwood residence hall and Parkwood apartments. [ see map ]

Print shop operator

phone: 540-432-4543

Photocopier support

Information Systems helpdesk

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