University Chapels

“Naming our Lives” – Jean Janzen, poet

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The act of writing is a kind of naming. When we give name to our lives with honesty and humility, we enter the possibility of discovering connections which could lead us to better imagine the amazing immensities and intimacies of life. Jean Janzen from Fresno,California claims Harrisonburg as a second home since she taught poetry… Read more »

“Solutions to the International Debt Crisis: Winning a True Global Biblical Jubilee” – Eric LeCompte

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Eric LeCompte is hosted on campus by the Washington Community Scholars’ Center. The global economy has become interconnected and increasingly faces global crisis. Which fast must we seek now? We must renew our call to Jubilee, work towards equity between local and global communities, cancel unjust debt, and create mechanisms and guidelines to cultivate right… Read more »

“Student Voices for Peace”

& Student Speakers, University Chapels.

Consider various perspectives on peace as students offer portions of their speeches for the C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical contest.  The speeches will be given in their entirety on Monday, March 26 at 7 p.m. in University Commons 211-212. Jamila Witmer “His Dream is our Command: Breaking Stereotypes through Integration” Rose Byler “Living into the… Read more »

Solitude, Compassion and Hope: Lessons in Esperanza – Tim Leaman, MD

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Through stories, biblical scripture and reflections on his work as a family physician at Esperanza Health Center in Philadelphia, Dr. Tim Leaman offers reflections on solitude, compassion and hope. (I Kings 19:1-18)

“Is Genesis a Fence Barrier to The Cross?” – Sigmund Brouwer

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Sigmund Brouwer, author of Who Made The Moon?, discusses harmony and conflict between the truths of science and the truths of the first chapter of the Bible, and what it means for your own faith journey. The great scientist Galileo Galilei was also a man of deep faith, whose political troubles began because he boldly… Read more »

“Seek the Peace of the City: A Volunteer’s Journey in NY” – Megan Grove

& University Chapels.

Megan Grove, 2011 graduate of EMU, shares reflections from her experiences in Mennonite Voluntary Service. This chapel also includes a time of sending for students participating in spring break Y-Trips and other forms of outreach. ——- In September 2011, Megan moved to New York City where she now serves with Mennonite Voluntary Service as a… Read more »

“Ordinary Women as Agents of Social Change” – Dorca Kisare Ressler

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Dorca Kisare Ressler, International Student Services, and the International Student Organization lead in this chapel to recognize International Women’s Day with scripture and reflections on ordinary women as agents of social change.  Dorca Kisare Ressler serves as Director of International Student Services at EMU.

“Inspiring the Future” – Esther Nizer

& University Chapels.

Join Esther Nizer, president of the Harrisonburg area chapter of the NAACP, to consider “Inspiring the Future” and moving forward. This is the second chapel planned by Black Student Union as part of Black History Month.

Spiritual Life Week Chapel: “Saved? For What?” – Shaun Groves

& Spiritual Life Week, University Chapels.

The good news of the Bible is not only about what we have been saved from, but also what we have been saved for – something to do with God’s plan to provide for the poor. Shaun Groves is a singer/songwriter, speaker, blogger, husband, daddy and friend. He feels and thinks deeply and laughs easily… Read more »

“The Quiet in the Land” – David Kline

& University Chapels.

Who are and what is the quiet in the land? David Kline offers his perspective. David Kline is an Amish farmer, naturalist, and writer. He and his family farm 120 acres and operate a 45-cow organic dairy near Mt. Hope, Ohio, that blends older traditional methods with newer technologies in a manner that is environmentally… Read more »