Campus Worship: Collective Voices

Collective Voices: Lament and Hope

As this academic year draws to a close, let us take stock of our EMU collective experiences of lament and hope. Leaders from student clubs and organizations, faculty groups, staff councils, and administrative bodies have been invited to bring a statement of what they are lamenting and where their hopes lie as they consider what it has been like to live and learn together through a pandemic and related social ills, with all the challenges and opportunities for growth.

Lament: passionate expression of grief, regret, disappointment and sorrow
-What adversity have you faced this year?
-What have you worked to overcome?
-What have you learned from this adversity?

Hope: a feeling of expectation, anticipation and desire for a certain thing to happen
-What is one of your achievements?
-What are you looking forward to for the coming year (hope, vision, dreams, plans)?
-How can EMU support you now and in the future?

These groups/people are planning to share statements of lament and hope:

Eastern Mennonite Seminary – Courtney Joyner
Earthkeepers – Andrea Troyer
Deanvost Team – Tara Kishbaugh
Sustainable Food Initiative (SFI) – Felicity Zimmerman
Executive Leadership Team – Jackie Font-Guzman
Safe Space – Hannah Beck and Ani Beitzel
Faculty Senate – Mark Metzler Sawin
Eastern Mennonite Student Women’s Association (EMSWA) – Molly Piwonka
Young Democrats – Meredith Lehman