Campus Worship: Just Mercy

Join our storytellers for reflections on themes in the EMU Common Read, Just Mercy.  Come to hear scripture and reflections on times when someone incarcerated was treated unjustly and when mercy was needed as a restorative action. Reflections will focus on themes like racial injustice, criminal justice, brokenness in communities, transformation and restoration.  Let’s ask together, “how do we embody the kingdom of God in settings needing mercy?” 

Storytellers from the Harrisonburg community:
Rev. Costella Forney, serves as pastor of John Wesley United Methodist Church here in Harrisonburg.

Darrel Hostetter, graduate of of Eastern Mennonite College (1977) and Seminary (1982), served as Chaplain of Rockingham County Jail from 1975-79, partnered with Swazi indigenous church leaders in Bible studies and leadership development in Eswatini, southern Africa for about 11 years, was a volunteer chaplain of Lancaster County Prison 2013-18, and is presently retired but relating to 5-10 incarcerated individuals and returning citizens in PA and VA.

Dr. Jerry Holsopple, professor of visual and communication arts, shares original songs inspired by his meeting Bryan Stevenson, author of Just MercyJerry Holsopple is an artist, photographer and renowned videographer, teaches photography and digital media-related courses at EMU.