Prerequisite Courses

Contact us for more information on prerequisites. We offer these 4 prerequisite courses online in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Survey of Economics (3 semester hours)

This course introduces the field of economics, emphasizing the key components of a mixed market economy. Topics include quantity and price determination, business and household decision making, market failures, macroeconomic measurement, and explanations of the business cycle. The course will also assess the pros and cons of government intervention under various settings.

Survey of Accounting (3 semester hours)

A basic first course in accounting for graduate students in business. A useful introduction to accounting principles and practices and to interpreting financial statements. No background in accounting is assumed. The course includes a description and derivation of financial statements prepared by accountants and a discussion of a conceptual framework which provides rationale for accounting practices. The course also covers corporation accounting and examines the use of accounting information in the planning and controlling of the firm’s operations.

Introduction to Finance (3 semester hours)

This course provides an introduction to the theory of corporate finance and the application of theory to problems faced by financial and general managers. Topics include financial statement analysis, long-term financial planning, various valuation models, capital budgeting, risk analysis, cost of capital, and working capital management.


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