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Mathematical Sciences Department

Careers Choices for Math and CS Majors

What are the most popular careers?

  • computer programmer/analyst
  • systems administrator/analyst
  • information systems consultant
  • engineer
  • actuary
  • statistician
  • operations researcher
  • university or high school teacher
  • marketing research analyst

What else are our recent graduates doing?

  • graduate student
  • medical student
  • MCC service worker
  • patent classifier
  • technical editor
  • web developer
  • sales manager
  • carpenter
  • small business owner

With their problem solving skills, mathematics majors are valuable to companies and organizations in so many different roles that creating a list of “typical” career choices is difficult.

 Learning Know-How

Eastern Mennonite University graduate John Fairfield
John Fairfield is an EMU graduate who became one of the founders of the world-renowned Rosetta Stone language-learning system.

Career Opportunities

The professional organizations for mathematics, computer science, and engineering all have valuable information about career opportunities.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): Computing Careers.

Mathematical Association of America (MMA): Mathematics Careers.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE): IEEE Education & Careers.