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Marketing & Communications

Everyone is a recruiter

Tips for faculty and staff to help EMU reach enrollment goals

Every day…

  • Wear your EMU ID badge. This makes it clear as you move around campus that you have answers to guests’ questions.
  • Welcome guests to campus (often you can tell who they are!). Conversation starters:
    • Hi. Welcome to campus. Tell me what brings you here today?
    • Looks like you may be visiting. I am YOUR NAME AND ROLE. We’re glad you are here.
    • Can I help you find something?
    • Enjoy your visit!
  • Help keep our campus beautiful. Everyone is responsible for trash on campus. If you see something where it doesn’t belong, pick it up and take it to the nearest trash can. Don’t wait on someone else to make the move.

Refer a student

  • Know somebody (neighbor, friend’s child, relative) who you think might find EMU to be a good fit for undergraduate, graduate, seminary, certificate, adult degree completion studies? Talk it up. Answer questions. Bring them to campus for lunch. Make connections. If nothing else, complete the refer a student form.

When interacting with prospective students (faculty and department assistants)

  • High touch, personal contact directly with prospective students is key.
  • Call admitted students in your program based lists provided by admissions staff.
  • Meet with students during campus visits.
  • Send “personal” emails (ideally to all inquiries for your program using a template). Record interactions with admissions counselors.
  • Send personal mail (e.g. thank you cards) after visit with students (Admissions provides cards/address/etc.).
  • Build relationships with high school teachers in your field locally and at Mennonite high schools.
  • Accept invitations to speak at high schools and/or churches. Admissions office can facilitate connections and cover costs.

Annually review online information

  • Review your departmental web content regularly, at least at the end of the academic year (A reminder will come from the web project manager and strategist). Contact your department’s web curator for basic updates or use this website request form for changes.
  • Review and update your  professional page (find it by doing a directory search for your name and clicking on “professional page”). Everyone has one. Some are full. Some are empty. Here are some instructions for updating your page.


Faculty and staff are encouraged to talk to reporters about topics within their area of expertise. However, when you are asked to comment on an institutional question or an issue that relates to the university as a whole, such as human resources concerns or general institutional policies, please refer the reporter to the Marketing and Communications media specialist, who will determine the appropriate spokesperson.

When news happens that relates to your area of expertise, consider writing an op-ed for local, regional or national media. Marketing and Communications staff will assist in getting it placed. These though typically needs to be written fairly quickly after events to be relevant.

Write articles for a non-academic audience, making your research and expertise more accessible and relevant to a wider audience. Build a following online (via blogging or social media) with regular posts sharing your unique insights and perspectives.

Facebook group. Please communicate with Marketing and Communications before setting up either a group or a page, so we can assist you with discerning the goals for your page and strategy for implementation.

Departmental newsletter. Please communicate with Marketing and Communications before starting one if you haven’t had one already. We can assist with an email template and tips for implementation. Content suggestions:

  • Focus on alums who graduated 10 years on less.
  • Highlight special EMU opportunities of and for currently-enrolled students (internships, research, cross-cultural study, etc.).
  • Report on current research or opportunities.

Set up a LinkedIn profile. Keep up with graduates from your department, be a recommendation and network with peers in your field.

Pass alumni updates (email, phone, address changes) to the Alumni Engagement office so they can make updates in our database.

Pass alumni news tidbits to the Marketing and Communications editor-in-chief.

Like our social media accounts and like/share posts from our accounts. 
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