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University Web Policies

The university website ( is maintained by the Marketing and Communication department. As a primary marketing tool, access and changes are carefully monitored to ensure that content and functionality meet professional standards, including search engine optimatization (SEO), information architecture, accessibility, continuity of content, user-experience (UX), and design/brand standards. 

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Web editors

The university relies on a select group of web editors to ensure that departmental content is up-to-date. Often these editors are departmental administrative assistants. If web editing is part of your role at EMU contact to request access and training to edit the website. 

Photos and Videos

The EMU Marketing and Communication department carefully monitors image and video usage across the website to ensure that EMU stays within appropriate copyright laws. Learn more about why photo additions are restricted to Marketing and Communication staff. 

Image Permission Forms

  • EMU students, faculty and staff must opt-out of image and publicity permissions if they do not wish to be in images or other publicity. To opt-out you must go to your directory information form on and choose "No, I DO NOT agree to the terms above, EMU CANNOT use photographs of me" under the EMU Marketing Media Release section. 
  • Event sponsors are required to get permission from speakers for publicity and media use.

Auxiliary Websites

Occasionally, students, faculty or staff want to create a website for a program, club or other entity that is housed outside of (using google sites, wix, wordpress etc). Websites that appear to be connected to the university, but are not accessible to EMU Marketing and Communication staff are strictly prohibited. These sites are also prone to being abandoned, with no way of taking them down or managing the content, and they dilute our SEO. Marketing and Communication is happy to work with students, faculty or staff to find appropriate places to house information for internal and external audiences. Please contact to have this discussion if necessary. 

Opinion and Program Blog Policy

Blogs and blog culture have changed significantly since EMU first started hosting blogs over a decade ago. As an efficient way to manage EMU messages, all opinion-based blogs were moved off the EMU website in 2015. Blogs which are primarily program-based will stay within the website and EMU brand and visual identity.

EMU academic departments interested in offering opinion blogs pay for blog domain names. The EMU marketing department and information systems staff are available to assist faculty and staff in utilizing Google Sites for their opinion-based blogs.

Guidelines for blog authors and editors

  • Blog authors with content on should adhere to the EMU Style Guide for Writers and Editors.
  • Refrain from publishing extremely lengthy blog posts.
  • Utilize EMU’s guide for Writing on the Web (PDF)
  • Blogs that are not updated at least once per six months will be archived by EMU’s Web Work Team. Blogs that are not updated in 12 months will be removed.
  • Please remember your EMU blog reflects upon your academic program and the university in general.
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