Brand and Identity Standards

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  • The EMU logo is to be present on all web pages and print projects. This includes flyers, ads, correspondence, envelopes, and program-produced documents (such as newsletters). Any paper document should have the EMU or EMS logo and name included. (EMU logo standards apply to web and print. Please avoid common mistakes.)
  • If a program or office has an individual “icon” such as a dove, apple, or tree, it is to be used as a secondary icon in relation to the EMU or EMS logo. These “icons” need to be considered for distinction or decoration but may not be used as (or referred to as) a separate logo. The icon may never be used alone. The EMU mascot should not appear in close proximity to the university logo.
  • If a program or office has an interest in a specific color other than the EMU blue, staff will need to work with designers in the marketing services office for colors that are approved in the marketing color palette. Alternate colors may be considered in web and print media, but need to be consistent as a signature color (i.e. departments will only use one secondary color).
  • The president’s seal is reserved for use by the office of the president and to certify official documents. Reproduction of the seal is restricted to scholarly, ceremonial or presidential purposes such as commencement programs and university diplomas. The president’s seal is the official seal of all EMU programs and sub-brands including: Graduate and Professional Programs, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, EMU Lancaster, and The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding.

  • The university seal has elements that are similar to the EMU logo, and is designed for broad application and digital use. The University seal is used as a design element, particularly on merchandise. The University seal is NOT a replacement for the University logo.


  • Guidelines for EMU signage are available in the document EMU Brand Identity – Signage. Please collaborate with the Marketing and Communications department on signage needs as outlined in the document.


If you have any questions about logo use or EMU identity, e-mail

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