MA in Biomedicine: Biomedical Teaching Concentration

This program provides preparation for a post-baccalaureate student to teach biomedical related courses in a community college or technical school. For this preparation, students typically select an academic emphasis such as biology, chemistry, or more broadly biomedicine and earn a minimum of 18 SH of graduate-level didactic and laboratory coursework, while completing a minimum of 15 SH of graduate education courses. Students who lack teaching experience are required to enroll in a teaching practicum (1-2 SH) during one of the academic sessions.

High school or junior high science teachers who are currently teaching can enroll in this track to enhance their teaching or their salary scale.

At many other graduate schools, the graduate coursework is focused on education or education administration courses without any courses in basic sciences. Our program uniquely provides both basic biology/chemistry graduate courses that enhance the teacher’s ability to understand and teach new material such as molecular biology techniques as well as selected educational pedagogy courses that promote effective teaching.

The MA in biomedical teaching program draws upon EMU’s well-known MA in education program for the education pedagogy courses.

Course schedule (48 Course Hours)

Biomedical Core Courses

(30 semester hours and 6 hours electives)

Natural Sciences (11 SH)

Another natural science laboratory course may replace of these three required courses.

BMC 551 Developmental Biology 
BMC 612 Human Anatomy 
BMC 561 Biochemistry

Cross Discipline (8 SH)

BMC 613 Research Design & Statistics 
BMX 611 Biomedicine Faith & Ethics 
BMX 613 Behavioral & Social Science Principles

Transdiscipline (11 SH)

BMC 610 Interdisciplinary Seminar I 
BMC 611 Interdisciplinary Seminar II 
BMC 623 Research in Biomedicine 
BMC 598 Biomedical Practicum 
BMX 603 Biomedical Cross Culture

Biomedical Teaching Concentration (18 SH)

Required Foundational Courses (9 SH)

EDCC 501 Creating Cultures of Change 
EDCC 531 Social & Ethical Issues in Education

Education Electives (9 SH)Select from the following:

EDCI 511 Teaming and Collaboration 
EDCC 521 Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution 
EDDA 511 Teaching Diverse Learners 
EDSL 581 Language and Culture – online

*EDCC 501 subject to an enrollment of at least six students.

Prerequisite Courses

Undergraduate science course program requirements (or equivalents)

For full admission to graduate status, students must have completed (27 SH):

Two general biology courses with laboratories (8 SH)
Two general chemistry courses with laboratories (8 SH)
One organic chemistry course with laboratory (4 SH)
One general physics course with laboratory (4 SH)
One mathematics course (calculus) (3 SH)

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