Why choose EMU's LOM for your adult degree?


Our program is priced competitively with JMU, UVA, Liberty, and other public and private universities.  The current cost for for EMU's Adult Degree Program is $395 per credit hour. 

Compare for yourself (per credit hour rates):

JMU: $453 - $1,083 (full-time vs. part-time) + fees
UVA$426 + fees
Mary Baldwin University$460 + fees
Liberty University$390 - $455 (full-time vs. part-time) + fees
University of Phoenix: $415 + fees



Knowledge and skills gained in the LOM are applicable across many fields and industries, giving students more career options.  Graduates of the LOM work in a variety of private and public sectors, including but not limited to:


Human Resource Administration

Federal, State, and Local Goverment Administration

Sales and Marketing

Education Administration (elementary, secondary, and post-secondary)

Law Enforcement/Emergency Services

Banking, Accounting, and Finance

Healthcare Administration

Technology and Telecommunication

Real Estate Sales and Property Management

Manufacturing and Production

Social and Public Services Administration


Restaurant and Hospitality Management

Retail Management

Automotive Sales and Management

Non-Profit and NGO Management and Administration



Compared to high school graduates, college graduates are 48% less likely to be unemployed and earn nearly twice as much according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016).



41% of employers report hiring college-educated workers for positions that previously required a high school degree according to a 2017 survey by CareerBuilder.



Earn your degree without leaving your job or family behind. Our program offers a convenient blend of evening and online classes.



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