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Restorative Justice Certificate

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May 13, 2021
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EMU’s Adult Degree Program now offers students the option to enhance their degree with a Certificate in Restorative Justice. EMU is one of the nation’s foremost educators and trainers of Restorative Justice theory and practice.

Restorative justice practitioners work with those affected by crime, violence, and abuse to identify or create outcomes that heal relationships while holding those responsible accountable for the harms that were done.  Additionally, Restorative Justice considers the structural systems that lead to violence, crime, and trauma.  An understanding of trauma and resilience are central to Restorative Justice.

Working in partnership with EMU’s Peacebuilding and Development Program, the Certificate in RJ is composed of 12 credit hours that are offered at a pace of one class per semester during the LOM curriculum. Classes are fully online and designed to work with the schedule of our adult learners. 


PXD 261 Community and Conflict Analysis Techniques (3SH)

Offered May 13 - July 15, 2021

In order to promote sustainable change, it is important to understand the context in which we work. This course provides an introduction to community assessment strategies and conflict analysis. Students will complete a personal and community conflict assessment and consider how such analysis supports and contributes to change efforts including development and peacebuilding practice.

PXD 331 Restorative Justice and Trauma Awareness (3SH)

This course will explore how traumagenic experiences influence a person’s body, social identities, and social context. In these experiences, harms are created and done to individuals, groups of people, communities, and organizations. We will explore how the values, principles, and practices of restorative justice can speak into and transform these harms. We will also explore how systems of domination and oppression create traumagenic systems designed to create harm on participants of the system. With its emphasis on theory and practice, the course is useful for those planning to work in law enforcement, church ministry, business, education, social work, peacebuilding, and many other areas.

PXD 341 Mediation and Facilitation  (3SH)

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of mediation and facilitation, two processes for conflict transformation. Students will learn about conflict, group dynamics theory, teambuilding, and leadership for transforming conflict. Students demonstrate learning through role plays and facilitation on campus of conversation on issues that cause tension. With its emphasis on practical applications, the course is useful for those planning to work in church ministry, business, education, social work, and many other areas. 

SOWK 360 Race and Gender (3SH)

This course focuses on the systemic nature of racism and sexism in the United States. Students will explore the social patterns and history that shaped these realities. And they will look at how class, poverty, age, education, power, and other elements contribute to social inequality related to race and gender. Students will develop conceptual tools that lead to informed, reflective and transformative interpersonal and institutional practices and policies.

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