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Seminary at Lancaster

Gateway Courses

Gateway Courses are a series of four courses designed especially for pastors called to Mennonite congregations who do not have Anabaptist background and training. Many pastors are asked to take these courses as an expectation with being licensed or ordained. The courses are offered by EMU in collaboration with Mennonite Conferences in southeastern Pennsylvania and can be taken for graduate credit or for non-credit.

One course will be offered each semester on a two-year cycle:

- Bible Survey and Anabaptist Hermeneutics
- Anabaptist Mission and Peace
- Anabaptist Leadership, Polity and Effectiveness
- Anabaptist History and Theology

Tuition: $500 per credit hour
Participatory Audit: $250 per credit hour
Technology fee: $50 per semester
Textbooks not included.
Note: Any course you take from another program will be invoiced at the rate of your home program.
Inquire about financial aid and church matching grants

Fall  2018

CTT 633: Anabaptist History and Theology (Traditional Classroom Course - 3 credits)
This course is a descriptive and analytical study of sixteenth-century Anabaptist history and theology. We
will look at a variety of issues such as peacemaking, discipleship, the church, and spirituality. The central
purpose of the course is to help us better understand the relevance of the Anabaptist heritage for Christians today. This course fulfills the Mennonite conference's Gateway requirement.
Schedule: Fri.-Sat. sessions, 9:00 am-5:00pm, Sept. 7/8; Oct. 19/20; Nov. 16-17
Location: Conestoga Mennonite Church, Morgantown, PA
Instructor: Steve Kriss, PhD