Application and Admission


Applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis throughout the year.


MA in Education admission is based on:

- Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a minimal undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0(based on 4.0). (If this condition is not met, graduate GPA of six or more credits will be considered.)
- A valid teaching license. (At Risk Populations concentration is exempt.)
- Evidence of one year of successful teaching experience in a public or private school setting. (This statement may be included in one of the references.)
- A personal interview with the director or assistant director of the Master of Arts in Education program.

Admission into the program is granted by the teacher education admissions committee. Upon admission into the program, each student will be assigned an academic advisor. Students unable to meet the requirements for regular admission may be recommended for conditional admission

Admission application procedure

1. Application for Admission to the Master of Arts in Education Program

2. A copy of valid teaching license

3. Request official transcripts (not student copies) from each college or university you have attended. The official transcripts should be sent to EMU Lancaster, 1846 Charter Lane Lancaster, PA 17605-0936. Attn: MA in Education Program.

4 Secure two recommendation forms: from people who are in a position to judge your potential as a graduate student. Teachers provide one reference from a building-level administrator/supervisor, as well as someone in a supervisory capacity. Recommendation form for admission

5. Schedule an interview with the director or assistant director of the program. Call (717) 397-5190 or Email

Contact us:

(717) 397-5190 or Toll free 1(866) 368-5262 

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