Campus Community and Life

At EMU Lancaster, we care about each student as a whole. You’re more than just a number, and choosing to continue your education is about more than books and grades… it’s about life.

Staff at EMU Lancaster know you place value on exceptional customer service and establishing relationships with others. We understand your unique needs as an adult learner and will assist you with the complexities of returning to the classroom, while helping you thrive and achieve your goals.

All of our faculty and staff are committed to helping you however we can. Our commitment to providing a challenging and positive student experience for you is one of our top priorities.

Grow in faith

Our campus culture is rooted in contemporary Mennonite values of peacemaking, community and service. Here you can feed your mind and spirit with unique programs and opportunities to grow your faith.

Not Mennonite? EMU Lancaster students come from many different faith backgrounds! Come be challenged to think about how your faith connects with your core values and choices you make every day… from the way you interact with all of God’s people to the vocational role you pursue.

Feel the support of a community

Meet others who share your values. This happens through service to others, interacting with people who may believe and think differently than you, and study in other cultural settings. Learn more about Mennonites, the EMU community and everything else that makes EMU a Christian university like no other.

EMU Lancaster students are part of a supportive community focused on the continued journey of preparing for life and career transitions. Caring staff and faculty work with you to accommodate the schedules of working adults. Shared values like integrity, peacebuilding and service to others mean there are always people to help out nearby. EMU alumni say the friendships they formed last the rest of their lives.

Make a priceless investment

It’s hard to put a price tag on being prepared for life in so many ways… experiences and academics that shape your life and career transitions, relationships that last a lifetime, and the security of a supportive community.

Life is about more than a degree or certification. It’s what you do with your education that matters. At EMULancaster you’ll study a curriculum interwoven with values and faith that delivers focused study, where common interests deepen and become core values that stay with you for life.

More than 10,000 EMU grads are serving and leading around the world as nurses, teachers, pastors, community leaders and more.

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