South Korea, China and Southeast Asia: Fall 2021

Southeast Asia

Due to pandemic restrictions, travel plans for all future seminars are subject to change. With a commitment to the health and safety of students and faculty, and to the communities that host our groups, we continue to monitor conditions and restrictions for travel. Please check for updates on programs of interest as you make decisions for upcoming terms.

Journey with us through an amazing continent!

Go behind the history textbooks and headline news to experience the real Asia. Over half of humanity lives in Asia, making it a valuable place to visit in order to understand the past, present, and future of who we are as a global society. While Asia is massive, and we certainly won’t cover all of it, we will have the privilege of exploring several countries: Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

From villages and rice fields, to sacred mountains and provoking rituals, to modern fast-growing cities, Asia is a fascinating place to live and learn! Try the ancient art of calligraphy, study Korean, learn how to make Sichuan dumplings, visit Buddhist temples, and connect with Christians who struggle to find meaning in a post-Communist society.  This introduction to Asia will clear misunderstandings, challenge stereotypes, and may lead to careers related to this dynamic area of the world. This semester-long trip is designed to engage Asia’s history, culture, and people through personal interaction, classroom study, home stays, service projects, and extensive travel. Students will benefit from the well-established network of relationships that the Mennonite Partners in China program has established over the past thirty years. 


Estimated Cost: Tuition, Room & Board + $2,800 travel fee (subject to change due to airfare & exchange rates)
Semester Leaders: Daniel Showalter, Mathematical Sci. & Myrrl Byler, Director of Mennonite Partners in China
Enrollment: 20 students

Course Descriptions

CCSSC 201 Cross-Cultural Social Science: SE Asia 3 SH

Students will gain a larger understanding of themselves and of their own culture through interaction on a daily basis with host country nationals, and by reflecting on their experiences and thoughts through regular journaling. 

CCSSC 303 Community Development in Asia 3 SH

Students will study theory and application models for successful service learning partnerships in China. In particular, students will teach English and participate in a variety of community development activities. 

CCLNG 112 Asian Languages 3 SH

Students will learn the fundamentals of a variety of languages, how they are similar and how they are different, the families of languages and how they have developed. 

CCHIS 313 Historical and Contemporary Issues in East and Southeast Asia 3 SH

This course explores the long historical and cultural changes of East and SE Asia, history of individual countries as well as the interaction between nations in the region. The focus is on more recent history, beginning in the 19th century. 

 CCREL 313 Asian Religion and Culture (CIW) 3 SH

Students will study the Daoist and Confucian traditions, as well as folk religions and Buddhism. We will gain a better understanding of how these traditions shape cultural and religious understandings among Christians in the Christian churches through interaction and discussion with those practicing different religions. 

See student blog and photos of 2018 EMU semester in China


  • Routine  MMR, DPT series with last booster within 10 years, IPV or OPV, Hep B
  • Hep A  
  • Typhoid – oral or injectable at least 3 weeks before travel
  • Anti-malarial meds. Note: Chloroquine and mefloquine are NOT effective antimalarials for this region. 
  • In an effort to maximize the safety of our hosts and our students, EMU Intercultural Programs requires all employees and students who plan to travel for cross-cultural immersion, both domestic and international, to have completed their vaccination regimen for COVID-19 more than 14 days prior to travel. This requirement is in addition to standard immunizations required for enrollment and those recommended for the travel destination, effective Mar. 1, 2021. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Dr. Beth Good for more information. 

Immunizations and prescriptions may be obtained at EMU Health Services by appointment.
Immunizations may also be obtained from your local health department or primary care provider.



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