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Malta: Summer 2024


Malta is a nation at the crossroads of civilization because it occupies a strategic space in the Mediterranean Sea where trade routes and conquest between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East intersect. From ancient temples to medieval knights and peace talks to major motion pictures, Malta’s small archipelago has a big presence on the world’s stage.

Malta has carved out space for a unique national identity while integrating elements from the diverse peoples and cultures who intersect there. For example, the Museum of Fine Arts began integrating photographs of Sudanese refugees in Malta into its collection to further tell Malta’s story. Students will explore their own stories and experiences with individual and collective identity by examining history, culture, faith, and enterprise. Exploring pivotal moments in Malta’s story through site visits and guest speakers will give students a springboard for discovering and developing their own strategies for leading with civility and resilience in diverse and dynamic environments.


Seminar Leaders:  Alyse Lehrke, Graduate Business & Leadership, and Rod Lehrke
Location:  Maltese Islands (Malta, Gozo, & Comino)
Dates:  May 17-June 30, 2024 (6 weeks)
Estimated Cost:  $7,480 (subject to change) includes Tuition, Travel, Room & Board

Course Titles

  • ICSSC 201 Intercultural Social Science: Malta (3 SH)
  • ICLEAD Leading with Civility & Resilience


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