Kenya Summer 2018

Kenya: May 8-30, 2018

Kenya is not only the most stable and economically advanced country in East Africa, it is also diverse with over 40 different tribes and extreme income inequality as a former British colony. Its capital city, Nairobi, is seen as a hub for East and Central Africa and many international NGO’s. Tourism and agriculture power its economy.

Our cross-cultural experience will focus on Machackos County and the village life of the Kamba tribe, of which co-leader Felix Kioko is a member. We will spend the majority of our time serving with Utooni Development Organization in Machackos County, working on water and agriculture projects. We will also have the opportunity to live with local Kamba people in Kyangala Village to better understand their way of life, the challenges of education, health, and infrastructure, and work on a greenhouse income generating project with local women.

Learning experiences will include a brief tour of Nairobi, from the city center to the slums, in addition to worship at Cathedral of Praise Ministries, Imara Daima, which is Felix’s home church.


Locations Nairobi and Kyangala Village
Seminar leaders: Roxann Allen Kioko, Business & Economics Dept., and Felix Kioko
Estimated Cost: $4,500

Course Information

CCSSC 201 Cross-Cultural Social Science: Kenya 3 SH

Required Immunizations

  • RoutineMMR, DPT series with last booster within 10 years, IPV or OPV, Hep B

CDC Recommended for travelers in Kenya:

Immunizations and prescriptions may be obtained at EMU Health Services by appointment. 
Immunizations may also be obtained from your local health department or primary care provider. Yellow Fever vaccine must be administered at an approved clinic. Check 2-3 months in advance for appointments and availability of vaccine with your state/regional Health Department.

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