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Journal 9

Creation Story (Roatan Honduras)

…And on that day God made fish and other sea creatures. He had fun. He added stripes and large fins. To some he gave electricity and to others spines. Splashes of color appeared in the dark blue sea. God watched his creatures swim back and forth and said, “It is Good!” and it was good. But something was missing. The creatures needed something to live in, to swim around, places to hide and to eat and to raise their young. They were so magnificent it was not right to give them plain sand houses. So God set aside some time and many colors and crouched over those seas and got to work. Bit by bit the maker of the sun built up brightly colored caves and castles for the fish to live in and big purple fans for them to hide behind. Convoluted passages became places to swim and some creations were just for beauty and fun. When God was done he considered his Coral Reef. He waved his hand and said, “Grow” and they did and it was Good.

Then God went on to create other creatures like dogs and elephants and people. Those creatures were given parts of the coral reef in the design of their blood vessel throughout the body and on the surface of their brains. Little reminders. God is busier now. There are so many people to keep an eye on and to guide. He has a perfect grip on the world of course, but it takes too much time to set out on new art projects. He does paint twice a day. At sunrise and sunset he puts aside some time to make the sky beautiful. You can see him in the cloud colors and in rainbows. Every person you know or animal you see is covered with his finger prints. Every face, every gem, is a marvelous piece of art.

But if you want to see a masterpiece, here is what you need to do. Put on fins and a face mask and make yourself a very silly imitation of a fish. Swim out through waters older than you will ever be. Stare at that ancient reef…and be amazed!

Elizabeth Syre