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Looking out at the pristine blue water and white beaches, it is easy to imagine the beauty and glory of a people of this land from so long ago. During this trip, we have been able to immerse ourselves not only in the present day culture of the amazing Greek people, but we have also had the added benefit of transforming ourselves into a part of a grand civilization departed. As one journeys through massive ruins, the sheer power of this ancient culture comes to life. On our first day in Athens, we were overwhelmed with the size and monumental status of the the Acropolis and its temples to Athena and the gods. Just below, in the shadow of that mass of marble art, the Aeropagus sits the same way it did nearly two thousand years ago when the Apostle Paul addressed the people according to the account on Mars' Hill in Acts. It was there that he gave his speech regarding the altar to The Unknown God. Paul came proclaiming that unknown God, and some of the people listened.

It was not until I had the opportunity to come to Greece and learn about the cradle of civilization and democracy that I realized how influential a people of two millenia ago are on our own U.S. culture today. The Greek ideals of the human body and the pursuit of pleasure almost perfectly mirror the society in which we live today. As we follow Paul's path, one can imagine the sights he must have seen and the thoughts he must have had about this culture of ideal-seekers. We have been through numerous temples and seen scores of statues in honor of the gods. The Scriptures tell us that Paul too was overwhelmed with the inundation of the worship of the gods.

The Greek god Dionysus was the patron of wine and pleasure, and he was a favorite of the ancient people. Paul wanted to bridge the gap to this polytheistic people and give them the good news of the Gospel, freeing them from the impossible ideals to which they held themselves. In Athens, there is even a road that commemorates this bridge of ideas, a street called Apostle Paul meets Dionysus and forms one road.

We have traveled these roads and been to multiple islands, cities, and villages, and they all have one thing in common. They are filled with people that are in pursuit of something. Paul believed that "something" could be found in the Scripture in the life of Jesus Christ. With this trip, I have found a new perspective, one which is much more real, from which to view our Christian faith. Like the ancient Greeks, Paul and the Scriptures are still very much relevant today.