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Vienna 1

Friday January 10, 2003
Some of the easiest things to do at home are the hardest to do while you're a foreigner. For example eating lunch today at a local pizza place our waitress spoke little or no English. We were so tired from the plane ride the night before we were giggling like little school girls, because we found everything funny. Like Mike's (Carpenter) pizza came back with corn, ham, and a giant pepper, which was not a pepperoni pizza which he tried to get through to our server.

This culture is not wasteful at all; eat all your food on your plate, keep your place colder, drinks are warmer with no ice, and no shopping bags at the grocery store. These are just a few that I have to get adjusted to. I found if I did not do these things properly I would get looks, telling me that I was an American.

-Brendon Hertzler

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