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Crisis Management Preparedness Team

Crisis Management Preparedness Team (CMPT)

EMU’s Crisis Management Preparedness Team, one of several campus groups working on crisis prevention and preparation, regularly updates the comprehensive crisis preparedness plan. The team meets regularly to review policies and safety plans, discuss crisis scenarios and drills, and review communication plans.

Campus Safety Guidelines Emergencies: How to Respond

Especially for parents

EMU makes communication with parents of students top priority in the event of crises.

EMU Alerts

EMU Alerts is a notification system capable of sending emergency notifications instantly and simultaneously to registered mobile phones and email addresses. EMU has contracted with Rave Mobile Safety as our EMU Alerts system provider. Learn more about EMU Alerts.

Alertus is a notification system for computers connected to the EMU network (including personal computers and computers at home that are connected to the EMU network). Upon powering up, every networked computer will display an emergency message, when activitated. Below is a sample message. 

Alertus sample message

Training and drills

CMPT regularly participates in table top exercises and drills. These include:

  • training seminars for media personnel;
  • observing drills hosted by local fire, police and rescue personnel;
  • hosting law enforcement for on-campus training;
  • joining nationwide webinars hosted by FEMA;
  • hosting FEMA for on-campus training.

The CMPT also oversees required campus drills and training, including:


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