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Conferences and Events


Room # Capacity Furnishings
LB105 (25) Movable tables and chairs, whiteboard, screen, computer, LCD, DVD, VCRreceiver, doc camera
LB106 (Computer lab) (24) Technology classroom with 24 IBM compatible computers and a teaching station, screen, overhead, computer, LCD, DVD, VCR receiver, sound system
LB121(Limited Availability) (30) Tables and chairs, whiteboard, screen, computer, LCD, DVD, VCR, sound system, kitchenette
LB303 (President’s Room) (30) Tables and chairs, portable whiteboard, screen, overhead, computer, LCD, DVD, VCR
LB304 (35) Tables and chairs, chalkboard, whiteboard, screen, overhead, computer, LCD, DVD, VCR receiver, doc cam, TV