WPLP’s mentoring component provides support for participants during both their academic coursework and their community intervention plans. The mentor introduces the participant into professional peacebuilding networks, thereby increasing their sphere of influence and their confidence while helping participants build their leadership skills.

Key elements of the mentoring component include:

  • Choosing a regionally based mentor to provide personal and academic guidance
  • Signing a mentoring MOU, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the mentor, the participant, and WPLP’s student success coordinator
  • Strategic mentoring meetings as needed for personal development, assignment support, and intervention implementation guidance
  • Monitoring of the mentor-mentee relationship by WPLP

Past WPLP participants have chosen a variety of mentors, including pastors, village elders, government officials, archbishops, professors, and peacebuilding practitioners.

“[My mentor] felt like I had the potential to be analytical… [so] I’ve branched into an area, which is research and consultancy. Once someone has given you the space to be more active or to work together with them, you can grow.”
– Rukiya, Kenya
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