Circle Process

Circle Process classCircle processes bring together victims, offenders, and community members to discuss how to best respond to a violent or conflictual situation. Peacemaking circles have been used in schools, social services, churches, families, museums, universities, municipal planning and workplaces.

The circle process is one of the core foundational concepts of CJP’s training for peacebuilders and has been used with positive results in many regions with a history of long, entrenched conflict.

The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding offers regular trainings in circle processes by Kay Pranis, an internationally known expert in peacemaking circles. Enrolled graduate students may take this course for academic credit, and it is also open to non-degree seeking students as long as there is room in the course.

Take the course

Kay PranisInterested in learning more about circle processes and how to incorporate circles into your work and daily life?

This course will introduce participants to the peacemaking circle process and explore:

  • foundational values and philosophy of peacemaking circles
  • conflict as opportunity to build relationships
  • creating safe, respectful space for dialog
  • consensus decision making
  • structure of the circle process
  • facilitation of the circle process
  • practical applications of circle process
  • problems and challenges in circles
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