Technical Support for Organizations

STAR provides consultations and customized trainings for organizations wishing to learn more about addressing trauma, breaking cycles of violence and building resilience, or designing their own programs around these topics. STAR provides services ranging from one-day workshops (human rights activists and ex-political prisoners in Tunisia) to week-long trainings (tools for teachers and youth workers in New Orleans and Northern Ireland) to long-term program support (government and civil society peace leaders in South Sudan).

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Examples of what STAR has done

  • Bolivia (2010-2011): A series of three trainings (STAR I, STAR II and Restorative Justice) for civil society leaders from the Plataforma para la Paz coalition (UNIR, Mennonite Central Committee and ACOVICRUZ).
  • Mexico (2009-2010): Ten trainings through the Mexican Federal Attorney General’s office to build capacity in some of the communities most affected by the outbreak of organized crime and violence. The trainings centered on addressing trauma, breaking cycles of violence and establishing nonviolent ways to build healthy individuals and communities. Implemented in six regions that had completed the judicial reform process in collaboration with PRODERECHO and Management Sciences for Development (MSD) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
  • Myanmar (2008): Three STAR trainings (Level I and II) for staff members and partners of Hope International to prepare them for the disaster response following cyclone Nargis.
  • South Sudan (2006-2007): A series of six workshops to two cohorts over 18 months to develop Leaders in Peacebuilding at the local, state and national levels for Catholic Relief Services and the South Sudanese Peace Commission.

What difference has STAR made? Four studies provide evidence on this question.

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