Educational Philosophy of SPI

SPI is an educational experience in the context of community. There is much diversity within the SPIcommunity. Participants represent different ages, life experiences, nationalities, races/ethnicities, genders, economic classes, educational levels, and belief systems. In some cases, people come from opposing sides of a conflict. It is our hope that the SPI learning community will be a place that is safe for everyone to truly be themselves and express their thoughts and opinions. You can help nurture a secure and respectful community by coming prepared to engage in ways that honor the other.

Plan to:

  • Interact respectfully with people whose cultures, religions, and/or traditions may be different from your own.
  • Listen carefully to the experiences and beliefs of others in an effort to learn more about your differences and commonalities.
  • Be considerate of all individuals, regardless of their opinions and experiences, even if you disagree with them.
  • When you are speaking or interacting, watch for body language as a clue that your speech or behavior may be making others feel uncomfortable.
  • Be aware that various cultures have sensitivities about dress that are important to them.
  • Recognize that views about relationships between men and women vary greatly from society to society.
  • Sexual harassment, defined broadly as unwelcome sexual advances or language, is not acceptable in the SPI community.
  • Acceptable conduct may differ from culture to culture. If you become uncomfortable with anyone’s behavior toward you at SPI, we encourage you to talk with an SPI Community Assistant or another staff person. We are here to help you feel safe in this learning community.

SPI reserves the right to ask a participant to withdraw from a course early if, based on our experience and judgment, his/her conduct jeopardizes the educational experience of the class as a whole, or jeopardizes the emotional or physical safety of any individual and/or the group.

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