Heidi Winters Vogel

Heidi Winters VogelHeidi Winters Vogel is a theater director, teacher and activist. Trained in traditional scripted theater at the University of Minnesota and Pennsylvania State University, Heidi has embraced more participatory and social justice-oriented work. She has studied using theater for civic engagement with Michael Rohd of Sojourn Theater and the Center for Performance and Civic Practice, Theatre of the Oppressed with Lisa Jo Epstein of Just Act, Psychodrama and Playback with Armand Volkas of Healing the Wounds of History and the Center for Living Arts, Ben Rivers of Freedom Theatre of Palestine and Jo Salas and Hannah Fox of Playback Centre. She is co-founder of Inside Out Playback, curating community-building and healing through storytelling in schools, churches, conferences, and restorative justice organizations and support groups in the United States. Heidi teaches and practices Theater and Justice at Eastern Mennonite University, developing skills of interactive, justice-seeking and community-enhancing theater.

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