Mindfulness (689)

Cheree Hammond

Enhance your ability to give full and deep nonjudgmental attention to the present moment while paying attention to how similarities and differences influence discussions. Mindfulness is an essential tool in cultivating cultural competence and greater communication skills. This course will provide participants with an opportunity to increase their cross-cultural competencies and enrich their listening skills by combining three key areas of interpersonal skill: attunement to diversity, heightened listening skills, and the essentials of mindfulness.

Participants in this course will explore:

  • The influence of our own beliefs, values, and experiences on what we hear and understand;
  • Setting the tone for mutual respect, curiosity, and compassion;
  • Offering and accepting challenges to ourselves when we encounter uncomfortable and/or challenging experiences;
  • Listening deeply and engaging fully in moment-to-moment exchanges;
  • Facilitating emotionally-heightened conversations; and
  • Communicating in conflict-laden situations.

This course is aimed at developing skills that will promote greater interpersonal capacities in cross-cultural communication and collaboration in conflict and post-conflict situations through greater presence and wakefulness. Each class session will be structured around brief lecture, discussion and processing, and experiential activities, including role-play, activities based in the arts, mindfulness activities, and meditation. No experience with mindfulness, meditation, or advanced listening skills is required.

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