Practice: Skills for Peacebuilding (503)

Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah

Effective practice in any field relies heavily on self-awareness and respect for others. In this course you will learn the essential skills and knowledge needed by reflective practitioners facilitating conflict transformation in interpersonal and group settings. You will examine practical skills, including:

  • Listening
  • Getting beyond posturing
  • Issue identification
  • Working with commonalities
  • Problem-solving
  • Group facilitation
  • Methods for structuring conversation in group settings
  • Awareness of the impact of self on others.

Build your confidence as you imagine, reflect, and act to transform interpersonal conflicts. Use a variety of learning tools to examine a range of intervention options, the strengths and limits of each skill or technique, and the process of making choices that are contextually appropriate. Learning methods are interactive and participatory. All of the following will be used to help you acquire practical mastery of peacebuilding skills:

  • Discussion of readings and lectures
  • Case studies
  • Training exercises
  • Role plays
  • Comparison of experiences
  • Examination of techniques in cultural context
  • Feedback from and to others

Special attention will be given to exploring cross-cultural assumptions and considering similarities and differences in the development and use of these skills in diverse settings.

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