Royal Ambassadors

Royal Ambassador Letter WritingEMU Royal Ambassadors & Executive Royal Ambassadors are passionate about EMU, articulate, fun, and dedicated to recruiting the best and brightest Royals. The Undergraduate Admissions Office looks for students who bring a variety of EMU experiences, both on and off campus. Royal Ambassadors are eager to represent the campus community to past, present, and future students and their families by sharing their love and knowledge of EMU.


  • Host prospective students in the dormitories (paid position)
  • Accompany future Royals and families to chapel, classes, the dining hall, and campus events
  • Represent the university in other capacities, such as escorting dignitaries and serving on student panels
  • Assist with administrative work within Undergraduate Admissions
  • Lead campus tours for prospective high school students and their families, community organizations, early college outreach groups, and other constituencies (Executive responsibility*)

EMU Royal Ambassadors differ from Executive Ambassadors:

Royal Ambassadors vary in responsibilities, serving as hosts, student panelists, desk attendants, building/lab tour guides, and more. Hosting is a paid (non work-study) position and most other tasks are volunteer positions within Undergraduate Admissions.
Executive Royal Ambassadors primarily give campus tours to prospective students and guests. They are paid student employees (non work-study) of Undergraduate Admissions.

A student can be both a Royal Ambassador and an Executive member. Executive members must be a Royal Ambassador for at least a semester to qualify for the position.


  • Network with other student leaders
  • Develop lifelong friendships with other Royals
  • Work with different populations and diverse individuals
  • Improvise and think on your feet
  • Practice thinking critically and strategically
  • Gain more information about the opportunities that EMU has to offer
  • Share your passion for EMU with others
  • Improve public speaking skills
  • Share your positive personal experiences to leave an impact on future students
  • Practice project management
  • Apply to travel to MCUSA Youth Convention bi-yearly
  • Get a glimpse into an important aspect of the Higher Education/Student Affairs field
  • Have fun!

Applying to be an Ambassador

Please contact Hannah Cash with questions. You can find the link to the application here.

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