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Phil Tieszen

EMU Admissions Counselor Phil Tieszen

Counselor for: Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria
Fall 2017 travel schedule

Hometown: Durham, NC

Hobbies: Guitar, Disc Golf, Watching Sports, Exploring the Great Outdoors, Travel

Education: Riverside High School, B.A. Eastern Mennonite University ‘11, M.B.A Eastern Mennonite University ‘16

Contact: 540-432-4118,

Why I love to work at EMU

The EMU network reaches near and far, from down the street to around the world. I continue to build on friendships with some of my undergraduate professors and classmates. As a resident of Harrisonburg, I keep meeting EMU alumni from other eras who are impacting our local community in positive ways. For several years, I was involved in student life and enjoyed watching the student body grow and develop new skills and perspectives. In admissions, I thoroughly enjoy watching each brand new incoming class take form. There is something to love at every level of the EMU experience and I’m so honored to be a part of it.

What some of my EMU friends are up to

Architect designing sustainable public schools, multiple business managers, nurses, and health professionals, impact investor, software development and sales, lawyers, community organizer, teachers/coaches, social workers, freelance journalists/photographers, higher education administrators, CPAs. Many of these friends had great success in grad school and credited their EMU undergraduate degree for preparing them so well.

Anything else you should know about me?

I transferred to EMU as a sophomore after playing varsity lacrosse at another NCAA school. It was hard to give up my collegiate athletic career but this experience taught me a valuable lesson, and now I always encourage student athletes to find a school that they would attend whether they are playing a sport or not. To me, EMU was the school I went to because of fit, even though there wasn’t a men’s lacrosse team. Feel free to ask me more about this time in my life!